Tuesday, October 1, 2019

First look at ThePhotoStick

When you first take a look at ThePhotoStick, you'll see that it looks very small. This gadget looks exactly like a thumb drive. You probably wonder, what is this thing and why is it called a photostick?

We decided to go further down the rabbit hole and break it down for you. In this first look photostick review, we'll go over all the details of this gadget. Why should you buy one? How much does it cost? Where can I find one? We'll answer all of this question in details. We'll try to focus as much as we can on our perspective of this tool compared to other photostick reviews.

What exactly is a PhotoStick?

A photostick is a very unique gadget, that looks very similar to a flash drive, but is capable of saving your photos.

You may say that you can do that on your laptop or mobile phone, and we'd agree. However, there are few more benefits that come with the photostick.

Have you ever had a broken laptop that needed repairing? Or did you ever have to deal with a broken phone screen? A broken phone battery? The truth is, these things are known to fail. We keep so much information on these devices thinking that this information is stored in a safe place. But, we couldn't be more wrong.

If you do not have an alternative for file or photo back up, you might lose all of it. Imagine having thousands of photos on your phone and then your phone suddenly stops working. All those memories would be gone in a moment. Sure, you can upload your files or photos online, but how safe are these services exactly?

We believe that everyone should have a photostick. Here's why:
  • Small gadget, doesn't take too much space
  • Great for photo back up
  • Safe Photo back up
  • No learning curve
  • Cheap
  • PhotoStick Mobile Version - for android and iphone
 We bought a photostick. We gave it a shot. The results were safe photo back up in a matter of minutes.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Is ThePhotoStick a scam?

There have been plenty of photostick reviews mentioning that the photostick might be a scam. We were shocked when we heard about this because we really liked using the photo stick. Apparently some people had problems with it.

Some people reported that the photo stick did not save photos as it should. Others reported that it was just a sandisk copy with some shady software installed.

We decided to take a further look into this and see if there’s any truth behind it. 

ThePhotoStick is a gadget that helps you back up pictures. This is great for everyone that wants to store their photos in a safe place. It is an easy to use tool.

However, there have been some photostick reviews that were bashing this product.
Most of the bad reviews come from people that say the photo stick software does not work properly. 

We have to disagree with this statement. Not only did the photo stick software work as it was supposed to, it was also surprisingly fast.
Another complaint of the photo stick is that it lost people all of their photos.
Our photostick has been used over 20 times and so far we haven’t lost any photos.

Using a photostick is one of the most convenient ways to save your photos. It works wonders. There’s ThePhotoStick Mobile which helps people save their picture on their phones. The PhotoStick Mobile truly gets to shine when you are traveling and need to save lots of pictures. You’ll be able to empty your phone memory and make space for new pictures.

Going through all the pictures and sorting them is a bad way to waste time. This is why the photo stick was created. It’ll automatically sort your pictures and back them up.

The Photo Stick is very tiny. This means that it can fit anywhere. However, there is the problem of losing it because of its size. Make sure you store it in a safe, easy to see place.

The software that is installed on a photostick is very easy to use. It has a button called “GO”. All you have to do is press it and you’ll be able to back up your photos in less than 15 minutes.

We really love using a photostick. It helps us store photos properly. We no longer use cloud services because we are not really convinced in their safety.
A photostick is a great gadget to safely store your photos, just make sure you don’t lose it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Photostick Review

What is a photostick?

In this photostick review we’ll take a look at how you can properly backup your photos. How many times have you lost a file or a precious photo? Did it happen just because you didn’t take enough precautions and you didn’t save and properly backup your files? We’ve had plenty of drive failures and plenty of mobile phones dropped. They can suddenly stop working. If you do not want to lose your photos please continue reading.

The Photo Stick is a very unique tool. It allows you to save your photos in a matter of seconds. This unique gadget can help you save lots of time. Through the years we have lost plenty of photos. Most of it was our own fault because we didn’t have proper precautions. It definitely isn’t a smart thing to do. We’ve lost over 10,000 photos from our servers. This is why we decided to do this photostick review. A very small gadget that saved us from a lot of trouble.

When we first took a look at the photostick we thought that it was just a regular flash drive. Browsing the internet, however we came to other conclusions. There was much more power to this tool than we thought. It had some pretty unique features. It came in different versions. We had to dig deeper and see what is the secret behind this product.

Why should I buy a photostick?

As it turned out, creators of the photostick knew that people lose many photos on daily basis. When they looked at the research it showed that plenty of hard drives were failing on daily basis. They also took a look at how often mobile devices fail and they were shocked. This research led to the discovery of the photosticks: The Photo Stick and The Photo Stick Mobile.
We decided to buy it, we had lots of photos to save.
How does a photostick work?
Going through all of the pictures we had was a huge hassle and this is where the photo stick came to rescue. It was capable of saving lots of our photos with a simple “GO” click on the software.
PhotoStick Features
The Photo Stick has lots of unique features that can help you. It is a small gadget. This means that we were able to put it in any purse, wallet or pocket. The Photo Stick has plenty of different versions ranging from 8 GB to 128 GB. The very basic 8 GB version can save you up to 3,000+ photos.
Using a photostick is very convenient. It can go through photos and sort them out. You don’t have to worry about what file formats are your photos. It supports almost all of the photo formats.
The best part of all is that there’s a mobile version. It’s called The PhotoStick Mobile. We personally fell in love with it. It served us well when we were on vacation and our mobile devices were full memory. PhotoStick Mobile can be used on the go. It is one of our favorite gadgets of all time.

Where to buy ThePhotoStick?

There are plenty of places where you can buy a photostick. We recommend either photostick.pro or Amazon.

PhotoStick Alternatives

There are lots of ways you can backup your photos. You can use cloud services, facebook or instagram or something like the picturekeeper. However, we can not guarantee about the safety to any of these.

Final Thoughts

We really liked this gadget. It turned out to be one of the most useful products we have purchased or reviewed. Our final thoughts in this photostick review is that this is an amazing gadget. You get a lot more than you pay for. There have been some negative reviews about the photo stick, however we found it fascinating. It did exactly what it was made to do. Save and back up our photos.
The software wasn’t hard to use at all. You just press “GO” and it starts searching for your photos.
We do recommend this gadget. Especially The Photo Stick Mobile. You’ll be able to have a lot more memory, especially if you are travelling.